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Discordian Quotes on the web

Fans of the Discordian Quotes File will be excited to know we have a Web site based on them going up:


It's only just being put together; the plan is to have a bunch of ways of voting on quotes (you can do that now), tagging and categorizing them, getting more that you'd like based on your past voting, competing to attribute them, etc etc.

There's also a Twitter that gets a quote pushed to it every so often:


It looks spammy at this writing, but that's just for testing; in normal operation it'll just get a quote a few times a day. So it's safe to follow. :)

Take a look, and tell those of your friends who are sufficiently insane!
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Rest in Peace, Lost Soul

Not sure if anyone will remember him, however...

It's a bit belated, but rest in peace Corinthian. (12/25/86  -  08/05/04)
You were a POEE.  Also, an asshole. 

~Aaron, I'll totally meet you next life... in computer class.  And we'll MUD together, okay?
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The Fool


I had the most terrible dream about LS last night. I dreamt it had converted into a graphical game, reduced character options to three stats and six classes (which you had to pick at creation), and in many other ways become essentially a Korean MMO/Diablo knockoff.

Please, for the love of whatever deities you worship or curse with, do not let this occur.
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